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About Us

MERCURY AUTO INDUSTRIES, is established in 1975, and has been in the field of manufacturing of Brass components like, Auto Tyre tube valves.

In 1995, With a diversification of product line of Brass Components for the various industrial fittings, we have started fulfilling Local as well as International Demands.

With years of experience in multiple fields of Operations, Quality maintenance & trading, put together, has enabled us to develop quality Fittings & Components of any kind.


Due to which MERCURY has been growing strongly in the competitive industry.

Improve our production and quality to PPAP Level 3 and join world's top manufacturers group in quality consideration.

To serve the industry with best ever quality and provide ultimate solutions for the brass needs around the globe.

About "Brasscon"

Mercury Auto Industries has introduced its first & fresh Brand, named as “BRASSCON”, to provide its customers, Products with quality consisting & matching International Standard. With certification of ISO Quality Management System by Mercury Auto Industries, Fittings made are suitable & abide with the approved Quality & Standards of huge Companies & Government organizations.

BRASSCON is a brand of Product made to cater local as well as International Markets across the globe. Incorporated & situated in India, our firm have been meeting the requirements of Clients by delivering Products to almost any corner of the world.

BRASSCON consist of entire range of Compression/Tube Fitting, Hose (Barbed) Fitting, Flare Fitting, Pipe/Threaded & Plumbing Fitting, Grease Fitting, Hardware & Marine Accessories, Gas Fitting, Welding Accessories, & other customized & Precision Component as per requirement. Its state-of-art manufacturing infrastructure is fully fledged with Semi-Automatic, Automatic & manual machine technology to conduct every operations & develop any Part & Fitting demanded by the customer.

Our core aim focuses on expanding & meeting both the ends of Products Development & expanding its presence internationally. For which, we have been regularly investing & upgrading our Infrastructure & Technology to meet the demand of changing market conditions.

Let’s Start Working Together!

About Brasscon
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